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Telecommunication is one of the most booming sector in India with more and more companies expanding their network base.


Oswin provides you with Radom & other Profiles for Protection.


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Having excellent experience in working with various polymers like ABS, PMMA & PC, we provide total solutions for your plastic component needs for Electric Tube-Light Manufacturing industry with our products like


Diffusers for Fluorescent tubes & L.E.D lights

Lighting structures comprising of Base and End-caps.


With standard profiles we also manufacture custom profiles, thus giving you one-stop shop for all your Non-electric (Plastic) component needs.


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Tube Lights



Be it from Infrastructure to Automobiles to Electric Panels to Household wiring, electrical components are present everywhere and thus its protection and safe working environment is equally important.

The group provides varied solutions from


  • Conduit pipes  –  Flexible, Rigid & Corrugated
  • Conduit Fittings
  • Junction & Terminal Boxes.

The above products are made from materials like PE (HDPE & LDPE), Nylon & PVC; all with Fire Retardant properties. Thus, ensuring excellent protection for the fragile electrical wiring and circuits.


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Conduit    Conduit Fittings

Sanitary & Hardware


The importance of cleanliness is now felt by everyone.

The group provides solutions like:


  • Braided & Connection pipes
  • Sink Drain pipes.
  • Garden pipes.

All with excellent quality as we know it becomes a very messy situation when such products fail.
With different colors available these products dwell easily with the background.

With OSWIN products once installed, you can easily forget worrying about product failure and messy situations being created.


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Appliance    Tubings



Manufacturing and supplying rohs compliance hoses to major companies involved in appliance industry.


Catering to O.E.M , Exports and Indian markets.


  • Washing machine Drain Hoses.
  • Refrigerator Drain Hoses.
  • Air conditions Drain Hoses .
  • Wash basin hoses.
  • Washing machine inlet/ extension pipes.
  • R.O. Purifier tubes.
  • Coffee and Tea vending machine hoses.


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Plastic materials can be sterilized hundreds of times without degradation.  These products require excellent precision and durability.

OSWIN provides like:


  • Bellows
  • Transparent tubing
  • Breathing circuits
  • Corugated Pipes
  • Molded Products


With having more than two decades of experience in handling medical grade polymers like PVC, PE & EVA, your Extrusion, Blow molding and Injection molding needs will be met.


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Appliance    Tubings



With developments all over the world, more and more buildings are bound to come up, and with these, the demand for construction materials also arises.

Thus OSWIN provides


  • Conduit pipes  - Rigid, Flexible & Corrugated
  • Conduit Fittings & Junction boxes
  • Profiles that can be used for aesthetic looks & Designs.
    • WPVC (Plastic Wood) custom profiles with added properties
               like Fire Retardant, anti-rusting and anti-fungal adding to long          life. Also with water resistant properties if can be used          everywhere.


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Conduit   Conduit Fitting   

Synthetic Wood   Profiles



Have you developed a new product or want to improve your existing product? Then you definitely need packaging. Be it Pens, Cookies, Souvenirs or Welding Rods, OSWIN provides excellent packaging solutions, offering quality products having Glass like finish with added Durability & Strength minus the Weight & Size, making it an excellent choice for packaging. Also lengths are no issue, producing tubes with up to 2-200mm having thickness as low as 0.4mm.

With products like:


  • PMMA (Acrylic) Tubes & Profiles.
  • PC Tubes & Profiles.

OSWIN provides you with excellent clarity and economical solutions enhancing your products appeal and looks & thus leading you to greater sales.


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Packaging    Profiles